Welcome to the homepage of Children’s Digital Media Center, Los Angeles (CDMCLA), a collaboration between researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)  and California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA). CDMCLA began in 2001 as part of a consortium funded for five years by the National Science Foundation. It is currently a collaborative effort between faculty, students, and visiting researchers in the Departments of Psychology at UCLA and CSULA. Our mission is to study children, teens, and emerging adults’ interaction with the newer forms of interactive digital media and to see how these interactions both affect and reflect their offline lives and long-term development. We endeavor to keep up with the latest technologies used by young people. We invite you to browse through these pages for more information about our projects and publications.

Best wishes,

Patricia M. Greenfield
Distinguished Professor of Psychology, UCLA
Director, CDMC@LA

Kaveri Subrahmanyam
Professor of Psychology, CSULA
Associate Director, CDMC@LA

Yalda T. Uhls
MBA, Ph.D.
Assistant adjunct professor at UCLA
Founder of Center for Scholars & Storytellers

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