Meet the Instamom, a Stage Mother for Social Media

It was a gorgeous fall day in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and Keira Cannon was holding one of the weekend photo shoots she does with her favorite subject: her son, Princeton.

No Stardom Until After Homework

IT was a Monday when Benni Cinkle, a 14-year-old high school student from Anaheim Hills, Calif., received a text message from her classmate Rebecca Black saying that an unofficial fan page devoted to Ms. Cinkle had popped up on Facebook. Read more

Teenage social media butterflies may not be such a bad idea

Kids most likely to spend a lot of time texting and on Facebook, among other networking sites, may be more well-adjusted, studies suggest.

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Facebook users keep it real in online profiles

Young adults apparently present their true selves on the world’s biggest social network. Read more