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Social Media May Make Kids More Likely To Value Fame: Survey

Almost a quarter of preteens are using social media and it is having a profound impact on their values, a new national survey released Thursday has found. Read more

La TV nos delata: por qué vemos programas sobre la fama

Un estudio de la U. de California analizó los programas de TV más exitosos en cada una de las últimas cuatro décadas y los valores que inspiraron. Read more

No Stardom Until After Homework

IT was a Monday when Benni Cinkle, a 14-year-old high school student from Anaheim Hills, Calif., received a text message from her classmate Rebecca Black saying that an unofficial fan page devoted to Ms. Cinkle had popped up on Facebook. Read more

Study: Fame More Important To Tweens Than Community, Charity

The findings by UCLA psychologists who conducted the study mark a dramatic shift from the past, when “community feeling” — being part of a group — was the top value as recently as 1997. Read more

Is TV Teaching Kids to Value Fame Above All?

Is fame more important to tweens than it used to be? A new study suggests that young kids of this decade are vastly more familiar with and are more likely to value individualistic personality traits like fame, achievement and wealth than kids of past eras Read more